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Hitler's 'Die Krieggöttin' gambit:
Women as a Sexual Terror Weapon

Long thought to be the Aryan Ideal of womanhood,
the model in this photo was in fact Hannah Jaeger, one 
of  'Die Krieggöttin',  Hitler's independent Angst Gruppen
or Terror Group, which devoured and terrorized male
enemies of the Reich. Ironically, the English meaning
of the name Jaeger is 'hunter'.

'Evil Woman'...Where Eagles Don't Dare...

     Two Soviet privates captured by
advancing German forces on the approach
to Stalingrad in mid-August of 1942
were about to run into one of the
most fearsome, horrible and, even until
today, most secret of Hitler's strategies
to win the war.

     In documents made public after the
fall of the Soviet Union, Private Alik
Mirskii told Soviet debriefers of his
(and fellow Soviet Private Maxim
Sokolov's) nightmare come true.

     A warning that these are wartime
documents. A translated debriefing of
a war crime and, as such, are of a graphic
     What follows is Soviet Private Alik
Mirskii's transcribed debriefing. It was
taken back in the USSR (no pun on the
song) after the Germans released him,
following his and Private Sokolov's
     The time frame was as the German
seige of Stalingrad was forming.

     Mirskii was debriefed by his superiors
in Kuibyshev, to which the wartime Soviet
government had temporarily evacuated.
     The debriefing was carried out by
Soviet interrogators both suspicious and
incredulous at what Mirskii had to say:

     Translation: "We had been taken by
Panzer Division. Sokolov and I expecting
to be shot in [the] field. Instead
we are taken behind German line [and put]
in control of, we think, German Red
Cross. We think [it is] Red Cross because
these [personnel] are women.
     "Soon we see we are wrong. But we don't
know what these women are [military unit or
rank]. We think we are to be questioned.
No [we decide/conclude]. Why would army give
us to these people? Torture? No. Worse.

Rare illustration of the WW2 rape, followed by heart-
removal, of captured British officer by what Brits termed
derisively an 'Aryan Priestess'. Note officer's knee at bottom,
prior to attack. The 'Krieggöttin' woman has a large leather-
covered wood device strapped to her, to be used for the
sexual assault. Illustration based on report of British soldier
witness made to MI9 British Intelligence (60s illustration based
on then-released MI9 files). Private was released to spread
message of 'terror' per Die Krieggöttin's modus operandi. 

     "We are made naked. We are bound by
rope. I am on knees held by German
women. Two. They are strong [athletic]. Have
weapons. Sokolov [is] made [to be] bent
back [backwards] on knees. One German, big
blonde, strips to [only her] boots. Other
[one] does things to him [sexual]. [And]
he salutes [slang for he becomes erect].
     "She holds his [sex organ] and puts him
into [the] blonde German [inserts his sexual
organ into] she sits onto him.
[The] Blonde has [intercourse] with Sokolov.
I watch. I think this is maybe not so bad.
Two women hold Sokolov. One has arms
around [his] neck. [As] Blonde, [and] Sokolov
finish, [the] German [woman] holding Maxim
[Sokolov's] neck breaks it [his neck]. He
is dead in [an] instant.
     "I cannot believe what is to be seen
next. [Private Mirskii begins to cry, then
is told by interrogator to continue].
     "Maxim is laid on floor. Blonde looks
to me [and] using Russian tells me [to] watch.
Blonde looks as [one] other [of the] women
...[pause]...take knife. Cut into his body."

     According to the now 68-year-old transcribed
interrogation, Mirskii has a breakdown while
recalling the incident. Upon a warning from
the Soviet handler, he regains composure,
then finishes with more disturbing details,
which are continued at the conclusion of this

Inception of a Nightmare weapon

     In 1941 a secret order went out from
Wolfsschanze, Hitler's Wolfe's Lair.

     "Geben Sie mir die Krieggöttin!"

     Der Fuehrer had decreed in a written order,
"Get me the Krieggöttin (War Goddesses)!" [ref.
British War Cabinet: Declassified Documenta
1940-44, from 1997 translated German reprint].

Female Terror: Judith was a Jewish widow of noble rank in
Bethulia, a town besieged by the army of Assyrian general
Holofernes. She approached his tent as an emissary and
seduced him. He ordered a feast with wine. After he passed
out, Judith and her maid Abra decapitated Holofernes with his
sword, smuggling his head back to Bethulia. Seeing her trophy
townsfolk routed the leaderless Assyrians. The story is an
allegory of Judith as Judaism triumphed over its enemy.
Hitler's plan to use his own ruthless Warrioress force was
in part, a desire to turn the Jewish legend on it's heels.

     Die Krieggöttin was a horrific plan so
outrageous Hitler gave it independence in the
Reich structure to protect it from competing
hierarchies such as Himmler's 'SS', or Joseph
Goebbels propaganda ministry, to name a few,
according to secret OSS and post-war papers on
the subject, declassified in the 1990s and
retrieved under the Freedom of Information
Act, as well as from European archives.

     What was Krieggöttin?

     The creation of an independent and semi-
autonomous branch of the Reich answerable only to
Der Fuehrer, Adolph Hitler himself.
     Run and stocked soley by a Reich's class
of so-called 'Warrior Women' in the Ancient
mythological mold, it sanctioned operations in
Germany, Axis-occupied countries and, most
importantly, enemy 'lands.'

     What kind of operations?

     Based on Metaphysical Ancient lore, it
allowed these women to operate a Matriarchal
co-independent realm within and with the Reich
involving male sacrifice, cannibalism and any other
action desired, to gut and break the spine of the
patriarchal Allied Powers.
     The range of acts authorized for this
'gruppen' were discussed and preapproved by Der
Fuehrer, according to discovered Reich documents,
giving the War Goddess operation almost unlimited
power and authority to wreak havoc in the name of
the Reich, which meant in essence, for Hitler.
     However, Hitler's enemies within his own Reich
were also greenlighted as 'prey', as a pragmatic
move to keep his power consolidated. This was
reminiscent of Hitler's purges of former allies
early in his career, such as the Brownshirts,
once they became not only  dispensable, but a

 Even the most ardent female supporters of Hitler and the National
Socialists, such as glider pilot Eva Schmidt, above, who put a
swastika on her plane, were still far short of the horror Hitler
unleashed with Die Krieggöttin, who used cannibalism of men,
among other tactics, as part of the terror they spread. 
      One Cambridge University War Sciences
professor who worked for MI3, British European
and Baltic Provinces intelligence, during World
War 2, explained why women so apparently anti-
thetical to male authority would agree to
being co-equal with a male head of state, such
as Hitler ['Secret War Memoranda', Vilstrohf,
1953, out of print]:

     "As Herr Hitler himself had come from the
shadows to assume power within an accepted power
structure, and then proceeded to obliterate it,
hence creating his own autonomous hierarchy, the
Matriarchal Supremacists making this diabolical
pact with Adolph Hitler had their own plans of
some day superceding the German Fuehrer. Yet,
this was their coming-out opportunity, to be an
accepted, albeit secretly, player on the world

Evidence Discovered

     In 1945 a U.S. soldier came across the
information that, when translated, outlined the
nightmarish "Krieggöttin" independent arm of Hitler's
Reich, answerable solely to Hitler.
     Named 'Die Krieggottin' by Hitler, or The
War Goddesses, it was a completely female element of
the Reich allowed by Hitler to enact aforementioned
"Goddess" and "Priestess" methods of ancient
matriarchal power including male sacrifice and
cannibalism, as well as other 'ritual acts' such as
castration and heart removal while victims were alive.

 One Polish Free Forces pilot captured by the Wehrmacht
and turned over to Die Krieggöttin, or  'Aryan Priestesses',
was sodomized, raped and dominated for 17 days
before being released back to the Allies, fully traumatized,
to spread fear. Considered one of the lucky victims of
Die Krieggöttin, he nevertheless committed suicide after
the war, unable to believably convince authorities, or
anyone, of what had happened to him [RAF Intelligence
Branch War files 1939-43; and NATO Post War Intelligence
Group declassified docs. 1951].  

     This was far beyond the isolated, aberrant,
politically embarrassing acts of cannibalism by
famine-stricken, war shocked, desperate German women
from 1945 to 1948, practiced on random luckless members
of Allied occupation forces.

     The relatively small number of women involved in
"isolated" and "spontaneous" instances of such acts had
been thought driven to those extremes by the devastation
at the end of World War II.

     Those acts, if distasteful, could at least be
understood as excessive reactions to dire circumstances
by desperate persons.
     But a Reich's operatus set up to use male sacrifice,
cannibalism, live heart and other organ removal, to
horrify the enemy and decimate its power command
structures, was arguably as monstrous as the Holocaust
itself. At least qualitatively, if not quantitatively.

Der Fuehrer: "Geben Sie mir die Krieggöttin!"
(Adolph Hitler: "Give me the War Goddesses!")

     Unlike the "Reich's-Frauen" supporting Hitler in
organizations submissive to male authority, such as the
Bund Deutscher Mädeturned (German Girls' League),
NS-Frauenschaft (Nazi Women's League) and others, Die
Krieggöttin was a fully woman run and 'manned'
(or womanned) organization that defied the official male
superiority of the Reich.

     Aside from a perverse and secretly fetishistic
appreciation of female dominance outlined in OSS
wartime psychological dossiers on Hitler [M1934 OSS
FUNDS RECORDS, 1942-46], the more practical
reason for Der Fuehrer to allow a co-equal but secret
wartime wing of the Reich was his personal
appreciation for acts of horror used tactically and
strategically against enemies, either inside or outside
the Reich.

     Further, there was Hitler's awe for metaphysical
and mystical-based history aligned with his own views
on German or Aryan dominance.
     Die Krieggöttin was based on ancient
female-dominant clans or assemblages traceable to, among
others, Celtic groups of women.
     Hitler's fascination with Celtic Runic symbology,
it can be remembered, was responsible for his use of the
'Fylfot', a variation of the swastika, for the symbol of
the Reich.
     The acts authorized by Die Krieggöttin during the war
were so horrible, fearsome, systematic, premeditated and
organized, that a black ops group pulled from the U.S.
Office of Strategic Services (OSS) was formed within
72 hours of discovery of the Krieggöttin documents, in
late 1945.
     The purpose of that ops group, called 'Goddess Kill',
was not unlike Operation Paperclip's coverup of
scattered instances of civilian acts of cannibalism in
near-famine Germany after the war. It was to prevent pure
outrage at the Germans that would derail creating an
anti-Soviet alignment with them for the coming Cold War,
[OSS/DET66 Top Secret Documents].

 Hitler's Wolfe's Lair, or Wolfsschanze, in the Masurian
Woods of what is now Poland. Here, in 1942, a
meeting between a mystery woman and Der Fuehrer
convinced the Nazi leader to authorize a 'Gruppen' of
Female killers and terrorizers as a secret weapon
against the Allies, and some questionably loyal members
of his own Reich. 

     Thus Goddess Kill's' purpose was to uncover anything
associated with Krieggöttin crimes, dismantle and 'disappear'
the apparatus involved, and, just as important, destroy any
and all evidence.
     It is not known whether, as with needed German rocket
scientists at the end of the war, the U.S. whitewashed and
incorporated elements of the female supremacists into the
coming Cold War effort against the Soviets.

     Whatever, as early as 1992, one year after the fall of
the Soviet Union, the first evidence of Die Krieggöttin and
the organization's crimes, became publicly available as
former Soviet Union documents began to pour out of that
deconstructed country.
     One set came from a special 1943 wartime report to
Joseph Stalin himself, detailing ritual sodomization and
male sacrifice of a Soviet soldier at the hands of Die
Krieggöttin female operatives while a fellow Soviet
troop was forced to look on, as detailed at the beginning
of this piece, [ref. 'SECRET' RAND Reports RE. Soviet
Wartime Strategy].

Hard-boiled 50s action magazine tales of WW2 Nazi women
debauching captured U.S. GIs have been considered pulp fiction
idiocy for years. Continuing release of wartime and post-WW2
documents, and formerly declassified files, show a Nazi strategem
that outstrips the fiction. 

     The report, now successfully 'disappeared' from
government, or any, listings, was circulated at the time
in various publications of the European press, but suffered
from inability to corroborate, which would come much later,
in the early 2000's.

     "This report, laughed at when released in 1992,
was too frightening to be believed. Or the powers were in
denial of what then-West Germany had done during the war
as it's incarnation of the Third Reich," says G., a former
operative of the People's Commissariat for Internal Affairs
of the Soviet Union, or NKVD, the much feared Soviet public
and secret police organization.
     With the breakup of the USSR, the former operative
referred to here as 'G.' emigrated to the West and has
been a consultant to the U.S. government, as well as
guest lecturer at UCLA, Georgetown University, and other
prestigious schools with notable foreign affairs programs.

     "We have since procured validating other data which,
sadly, shows Hitler to have provoked shock and awe decades
ahead of the coining of said phrase by the U.S. military.
These words with accuracy describe reaction in Stalin
during the war to this operation. Which, of course, was
it's [Die Krieggöttin's] purpose," said G., who required
anonymity to discuss the issue.

     The debriefing of Soviet Private Alik Mirskii,
which started this article, was part of that initial
report. The mound of paperwork was quietly released in
1992 with the flood of former Soviet papers, but then
picked up at the time by non-mainstream media.

     Again, a note on the graphic nature of the
translation as Mirskii continued after having broken
down recounting the desecration of his fellow

     "They open [the now dead] Sokolov, remove
parts of him. Organs. Inside parts. Liver. Other
[that] I do not know. Next, with looks at me,
blonde German takes large knife. Bends to knees
and [pause], takes Sokolov's [translation for
genitals] from him [castrates]."
     Mirskii has a difficult time continuing,
but with insistence from Soviet debriefers,

     "Blonde German put him [his genitals] on
plate. Brings in front of me. I [am] cry[ing].
[I] look away but woman pull [my] head back.
German blonde cuts him [Sokolov's genitals] into
pieces. They eat pieces like he is sausage. [That
is when] I throw up. Woman holding [me] drops me.
I am on floor in [my own] vomit. I pass out."

In the years since WW2 and the Third Reich's terror women,
cliches have become sexy and common-place about stiletto-
booted dominant women, dominatrixes and killer femme fatales
as seen in pop culture such as Bond movies and fashion magazine
ads.Some analysts think that kind of subconscious acceptance of
female dominance is proof  'Die Krieggöttin', or whatever these women
really called themselves, used and helped undermine Hitler for their
own purposes, and are very much alive. Somewhere. 

Addendum to Atrocity

     A secret "Fuehrer's-Auftrag" [order by Hitler]
uncovered after the war and detailed in an OSS
compendium of memoranda [ref. Nazi War Criminal
Records Interagency Working Group (IWG) Memo]
shows that Hitler's "War Goddesses" plan was
anything but the sort of "realite-disconnect" so
many impute to the dictator's actions.
     While some of Hitler's acts, such as invading
the Soviet Union in 1941, may have been megalomaniac
and self-destructive in nature, it has been
documented that others could be ascribed to a sort
of evil genius.
     A quote from Der Fuehrer's own "Auftrag" or
order regarding the Die Krieggöttin operation,
suggests a diabolical and cogent understanding of
what he was doing:

"Humanitarianism is the expression of stupidity,
cowardice. What is directed here is the negative
of humanitarian foolery. It is terror that chills 
even myself. Fierce and ruthless womanhood is
an abomination unto all that is known. Serving
the purpose of the Reich, it is sublime."
                          --Adolph Hitler, 1942-43

[Final installment coming: Interview with a former
member of 'Die Krieggöttin', and who these women
really were. And, perhaps, still are.  --- Reston Cane]


  1. AMAZING! Fantastiche!

  2. i would not wish to believe this. however, my work in government let's me know better than to deny much of what is reported here. while i feel this would have served better to have been left alone, it is a good job of reportage.



  4. Mr. Fraunchen, I must compliment you on at least having the integrity to state who you are. I am pleased that you read my reporting, though a bit saddened at the reason you state.

    Let me assure you, what is written is researched, documented. Like the last two reports in the series on cannibalism in WW2/and immediate post-war Germany, I strive to handle things with the utmost editorial integrity, even at the expense of the articles sounding dry and not as sensational as they could be.

    If you are outraged at what you read, it shows me that even with NY Times standards of research and documentation, the reportage does not lose it's shock value. This is important because the subject matter is shocking, and important, and it would be sad if that did not come across.

    However, nothing I report on is shocking for shock's sake. These stories are over the edge, admittedly, but they are important.

    Keep reading Mr. Fraunchen, as upset as you might be while doing so.
    ---R. Cane

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  8. Absolutely amazing article. Pretty thorough research, taboo topic, great delivery. Great research! It's humorous to see ignorant people commenting on this, as if they know anything at all, if they have ever done any research, or maybe even have graduated high school, considering how they write. :]

  9. Few responses to the comments left, now that I'm belatedly catching up.

    1. Why many (not all) of my images from magazines (have no idea of what wapping is). They are not. A certain amount of what is used as art for the journalism we understand that art may be fluff, but necessary fluff, especially on a blog so you don't see nothing but words.

    However, it does relate. And again, more than you give credit to is in fact historical. Sorry if they're not to your liking, I do try to do the best. My main interest is in my writing.

    2. I'm a guy, so in AP news style there should be no 'e' on the end of the word blond. However, I've got salt and pepper hair. I'm in my 40s. Thanks for your interest, if a female. If a male, not interested, I say with respect.

    3. Amazing article. Yes. I thank you for enjoying it, if that's the word.

    I will say, I just do the research. I write what I find. Is it all true? That's not a journalist's job, to make what very well be unobtainable judgements.

    A lot of this stuff I don't even know if I believe, or would if it were put to me. But I'm constantly astounded at what I come across while trying to disprove, or attack some of this material.

    Is Die Krieggottin true? I've written what I've found. Do I believe it? Do I believe Lee Harvey Oswald shot JFK? Who will ever know.

    Thanks for reading, Reston.

  10. Standard spelling usage:

    blonde: female

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  11. This is blatant untruth; silliness in the extreme.
    It hasn't even got any ''lee-way'' with the personality of Adolf (not Adolph ok?) Hitler.
    This rude sexuality isn't conduct becoming to III Reich ideal. Especially not. But it's doubtful at once, for a myriad of other reasons; I'm also pretty sure this 'Hannah Jaeger' picture is from or related to other Hans Suren workds: 'Der Mensch und die Sonne' Quit goofing around with this stupid fantasies.

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