Monday, September 14, 2009

True? Frighteningly so

     The first time I'd heard the term 'femme fatale' was as a freshman high schooler, over a campfire during an overnight surf outing in North Santa Barbara County.
     I thought the older guys were trying to scare this gremmie with tales of deadly women who enjoyed killing, basically men.
     Like most growing up in our male-centric culture, I didn't buy this as anything more than hype. That women could be, not just so lethal, but revel in it.

Is it a myth that men have a monopoly on enjoying murder?

     I grew up. Surf only occasionally now. Became a journalist, reporter, editor, news photographer. And I found out many things.
     Most of it, would never go in the mainstream newspapers I worked for. It was more suited for a Quentin Tarantino or Roman Polanski movie. But, it was true.
     From that day on the beach so long ago, a seed of fascination with the 'lethal' woman, or 'femme fatales', had taken root.

Fiona Volpe, fictional lusty assassin in the Bond film
'Thunderball'. Is her character's lust for killing more 
real than society admits?

     I found out the deadly women were not just figments. Or aberration. They were, perhaps, as secretly prevalent in society as the more obtuse and salient male serial killers.
     Cleverer. More low key. Below the radar. Unless you were one of 'her' victims.
     My spare time over the years became consumed with these true stories. First and second-hand accounts, that some day would go in a book, I thought.

The 'femme fatale': A woman enjoying or yielding
to the perverse pleasure of killing another?

     In the age of the web, maybe this is that 'book'. My stories, investigations. Written adhering to journalistic rules. But with subject matter geared to a horror film. Erotic horror film. Horror nevertheless.
     Stories too culture-shocking to appear in the small town papers I worked on for 20-years. They appear here. Now.
     All that is here, will be true. Horrible. Frightening. Dangerous. Erotic. Shocking.
     But real, I'm sorry to say.

Archetypal femme fatale, Salome, kissing the severed head
of John the Baptist, whom she requested be beheaded


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